[Yuion WEST] MEKU Report on new coronavirus infection


2021/09/02 20:42


Thank you for your continued support for YUION.

The other day, the YUION WEST member was notified of the cancellation of the event appearance due to the suspicion of being infected with the new coronavirus, but as a result of the subsequent inspection and follow-up, the YUION WEST member MEKU, We would like to report that one of the staff members has been confirmed to be positive.

Currently, the symptoms of MEKU and staff who have received a positive diagnosis are stable, and we are undergoing medical treatment and follow-up under the guidance of the health center.

Regarding UTA and YUURI of YUION WEST members who also conducted PCR tests, we have confirmed that they are negative, and we are currently taking a self-restraint period as a health observation period. The group-based activities of YUION WEST will be held until September 8th.

Regarding the YUION EAST members and staff, the PCR test gave a "negative" result, and the self-restraint period for each member and activity has ended. Also, regarding MARINA, we refrained from the activities of YUION during the relevant period, so we did not have close contact with the member staff this time.

It is said that those who participated in the latest event are not close contacts, but if you have symptoms such as fever or are worried, please contact the health center or consultation center that has jurisdiction over your area. Please contact us.

Consultation / medical information and contact information for consultation / consultation center regarding new coronavirus


We will continue to give top priority to preventing infections of all concerned parties, talents, and staff, and we will continue to take further measures against infections. We appreciate your understanding.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused to you. Thank you for your understanding.

September 2, 2021

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