"Yahho ● Zipangu" MV lifted


2021/08/08 08:00


2021.8.21 (sat) RELEASE Yune YUION's first digital single

Japanese / POP "Yahho ● Zipangu"

A song that can be said to be the beginning of the group that Yune YUION performed as the first song at the unveiling LIVE. Tokyo and Fukuoka have teamed up and want to jump out of Zipang to the world! The group concept is also included.

The stage of the first MV is "Naruhodo", which has an architecture that imitates a samurai residence in the Edo period. Dance with the best drums in Japan in the background!

Delivery From Zipang to you!

▼ Product information


Released on Saturday, August 21, 2021

"Yahho ● Zipangu"

"recorded music"

1. Yaho ● Zipangu

2. Yaho ● Zipangu (instrumental)

Lyrics / Composition / Arrangement: Yuyoyuppe

3.Push forward! -Yui sound EAST version-

4.Push forward! -Yune WEST version-

Lyrics / Composition: Füga-Füca / Arrangement: MASAKARI

* 3.4 is recorded only on M∞card

・ YUION board (YUION-001)

・ EAST board (YUION-002)

・ WEST board (YUION-003)

List price: 1,500 yen each (tax included)


Director: Yurie Yano

Cinematographer: Ryo Hirai

1st Camera Assistant: Yusuke Haraguchi (KBC)

2nd Camera Assistant: Kazuki Mizutani (KBC)

Ronin Operator: Keita Tanoue (Y2)

Lighting Director: Kazumasa Wada (AND FILM STUDIO)

Chief Light Assistant: Kohsei Miyazaki (AND FILM STUDIO)

Light Assistant: Ryota Nakashiki (AND FILM STUDIO)

Costume Design: Miku Ichinose

Styling: Koichi Ryu (waltlily) / CAN (YUION) / killremote

Hair & Make-up: Sakiko Taura (grand jete) / Yukiko Amano (grand jete)

Offline Editor: Yurie Yano

Color Grading: Yuki Nakahara

Animator: Yuki Nakahara

Graphic Designer: Rak

Producer: Hiro Itaya

▼ LIVE information

Yune YUION Tofuku 1st one-man LIVE will be held!

・ September 20, 2021 (Monday / holiday) Tokyo, Daikanyama UNIT

・ October 10, 2021 (Sun) Fukuoka ・ BEAT STATION

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MARINA: https://twitter.com/kumamoto_marina

AI: https://twitter.com/Ai_Asahi

CAN: https://twitter.com/can_dysun

MEKU: https://twitter.com/tachibana_meku

UTA: https://twitter.com/aoyama_uta

YUURI: https://twitter.com/iwasaka_yuuri

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